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Bob Spinks On The Britt Lapthorne Case

by | 6th, October 2008

The owner of the Croatian hostel where Melbourne backpacker Britt Lapthorne had been staying before she disappeared allegedly tried to post the 21-year-old’s passport to Australia, her father says.

Meanwhile in Britain, Essex MP Bob Spinks has tabled a Parliamentary question for the UK Home Office:”If he will set out the number of British citizens who have been i) reported as missing in Croatia and ii) have not yet been found, in each of the last three years and if he will make a statement.”

Britt Lapthorne was last seen in a nightclub in the Croatian coastal resort of Dubrovnik on September 17., says today’s coverage in the Melbourne newspaper The Age.

Dale Lapthorne, is in Dubrovnik to try to find his daughter and told Australia’s ABC Radio of an anonymous telephone call to the Berkley Hotel where he is staying on Saturday night.

The call was in Croatian, which was translated by an Australian consular official.

The male caller said a woman he recognised as the owner of the hostel where Britt had been staying was at a Dubrovnik post office trying to post a passport to Australia on the day Ms Lapthorne went missing.

The caller said she left with the passport when she was told she could not send it through the mail.

Ivica Perkovic, the son of the hostel owner, was questioned at a Dubrovnik police station late last week after police discovered Britt had telephoned him on the night she was last seen.

He was later released, and denies knowing anything about Britt’s disappearance.

Dale Lapthorne told reporters the anonymous caller contacted the hotel where he, son Darren and Britt’s boyfriend Simon Imberger are staying.

Mr Lapthorne said the family was holding onto a glimmer of hope that Britt was alive because her body had not been found.

The story still appears to be being ignored by the UK media. I wonder how the same Red Tops would react if the positions were reversed and The Oz media was ignoring a story of a British female backpacker missing on a Pacific Island?

The mystery remains a lead story in all of Australia’s news bulletins and Page One in all newspapers.
The Sydney Herald tells of Britt’s father’s anger over the seemly softly, softly, methods of an Australian police aide:
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