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Dog Poo Is Not A Cash Crop

by | 6th, October 2008

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CAN dog poo be a source of fuel? Can you turn over your garden to crops with the aid of poodle fertiliser?

In Lincolnshire, Patricia Hazelwood has been fiend for refusing to clean up her dog’s poo – dog poo that her dog unloaded in her garden.

Lincoln City Council took Ms Hazelwood to court. She failed to attend, and was ordered to pay £565 in fines and costs in her absence.

After the case, city council dog warden Julie Nelder says:

“Ms Hazelwood’s garden was left in an unacceptable state and our priority is public safety.”

Lincoln RSPCA branch chairman Karen Ansell offers:

“Treading in urine and lying in it can burn a dog’s skin, and of course that’s not good for them. Normally people are warned and it doesn’t go further, but maybe it’s a good thing that this one has.”

Maybe. But if a dog want to roll in its own urine in its own home, then who are we to stop it?


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