Anorak News | Vex Factor: Hunt For Abu Hamza’s Islmofascist Protégé

Vex Factor: Hunt For Abu Hamza’s Islmofascist Protégé

by | 6th, October 2008

GOOD news in the War on Terror: hook-handed, one-eyed, purple preacher eater Abu Hamza might be able to stay in Blighty for another five years.

As Anorak readers know, every since Hamza was jailed and Omar Bakri went to live in Lebanon, the tables have been running Celebrity Vex Factor, the hunt for the new gurning, raving face of British Islmofascism.

But the Muslim community is just not up to it. All we get is understanding, no bombs, no vitriol and no lunacy.

Anorak grew excited when the man who shouts at pigeons in the precinct began to call himself Osama bin Laden. But on closer inspection he claimed to be Napoleon and that come the revolution he would be emperor of all of the Yorkshires.

So the Sun’s happy news that Hamza could stay in the UK if his contesting of a move to deport him to the US takes five years to resolve.

Let’s hope so. Fingers crossed, if you’ve got any…

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