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Understanding UK Media Bias Against Palin And McCain

by | 6th, October 2008

BIAS at the BBC? Of course. Bias in the Guardian. Natually. Only nutters vote for Palin and McCain:

That is the safe sex message of all time. Use a condom or become a Republican!”

In the light of this pig-ignorant comment coming out of Russell Brand, a so-called comedian at the recent MTV awards, some of you might be wondering if his opinion is shared by others in the UK.

Considering the incredibly biased coverage of the whole election by outlets such as the BBC and the Guardian, it is no wonder I encounter such ignorance about Gov. Palin. What is most appalling is the fact that many media outlets in the UK seem to be perfectly happy to repeat all the Daily Kos-spewed lies about her as if they were fact.

Comment pages online are filled with people repeating the various lies word for word. One finds oneself posting the link to the Palin debunk site.

It is not like they have to look very hard at her to work up a lather in their urban, patronizing minds. All the things that make Sarah Palin attractive to Middle America are the things that disgust the media establishment in the UK. In fact, they could not quite believe the outcry after Obama’s claim that Midwesterners cling to their “guns and God” when times are hard.

The left-wing media stymies the debate…

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