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Amy Winehouse Sicko: You Can Hear Mitch Winehouse Shaking

by | 6th, October 2008

WITH Blaaaake Fielder-Dreams in jail, Amy Wineshouse’s professional dad Mitch is the singer’s man at large.

Today the Sun brings news of a letter Mitch has received from Blake. It’s “Blake’s sicko threats to Mitch.” Says a source:

I could hear Mitch physically shaking when he phoned to tell me about the letter. He couldn’t even bring himself to read it out loud as it was just too sickening.”

Maybe if he took his cab keys out of his pocket he’d make less noise?

Maybe if he can’t read it aloud, Mitch can stand on a box and sing it?

“But he told me that Blake described graphic scenes from a horror movie, in which Mitch is the victim. Part of Mitch wants to pursue this further with the police, maybe even taking out a restraining order.”

So why won’t he?

“But then he is worried about it all driving a wedge between him and Amy.”

Given the dimensions of Mitch and Amy, if she gets close you’d be hard pressed to drive a Rizla paper between them.

Better then telling the police, is to tell the “pal”, who tells the press. Keep it among friends. And then they tell the Celebrity Police Force, although their king is dead…

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