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How British Bloggers Ignore The Banking Crisis

by | 6th, October 2008

BANKING crisis. What banking crisis. Anorak covers the matter, but not everyone does:

Well, a quick sample has Ian Dale looking at an arcane issue on the constitution. Tim Worstall, whose blog has a reputation for economic comment, deals with the vexed question of mothers of struggling families who are shunning ready meals and buying cheaper fresh food as the credit crunch squeezes household budgets.

Worstall, incidentally, is press officer for UKIP, but do not look to that party’s website for anything either.

Then Devil’s Kitchen laments the loss of a blogger – in his usual foul-mouthed way – while Conservatives Home features the official Conservative Party blog. CH is to be congratulated on finding the only political blog worse than the UKIP website.

Strangely, Guido Fawkes does deal with the financial crisis. In an economically illiterate piece, he notes that the government can flood markets with liquidity “but that won’t can’t fix insolvency” – seemingly unaware that we have a liquidity crisis, not a solvency crisis. He should stick to his tittle-tattle.

MP Nadine Dorries, fêted by the chatterati, has not posted since Thursday, when she was eulogising over David Cameron. “He will be a great man, has all the qualities needed to become the next Churchill, my own personal political hero,” she writes.

Archbishop Cranmer looks at a plan to renew Britain – if we have one left after this week – while the Spectator Coffehouse blog does … Mandelson. Not a sheep does allotments – we’ll need those – and Daniel Hannan gets annoyed about the EU using this crisis “to adopt a series of deeply integrationist new measures while not even attempting to enforce free competition among its members.”

New media – same old bollocks. Until the new Anorak is come…

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