Anorak News | Iranian Militants And Danes Try To Be As Funny As The Jews

Iranian Militants And Danes Try To Be As Funny As The Jews

by | 7th, October 2008

IRANIANS are chanting “Death to Israel”. Borrringggggg. Can they get a new chant, one that rhymes?

Well, not all of them are chanting, just the Islamist students who are unveiling a new book.

The book “Holocaust,” published by members of Iran’s Islamist Basij militia, features dozens of cartoons and sarcastic commentary. Education Minister Alireza Ali-Ahmadi attended the official launch of the book in Tehran’s Palestine Square.

The Telegraph , which reports on the action, doesn’t say how much the book sells for, nor if it can be ordered online.

The big deal seems to be that Iran can do humour. It might not be what you find funny – unless you are laughing at the creator or believe his work to be a parody – but it’s a good stab at satire in a land so often associated with insecure militant nutters.

The cartoons are about as funny, as, well, those Danish cartoons.

Denmark and Iran – kings of comedy? They try. But can you name a Iranain comedian? What about a funny Dane? They try. And good luck with it, boys.

At least the Jews are funny…

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