Anorak News | Liverpool Teaches Rest Of UK How To Dodge Paying Rent

Liverpool Teaches Rest Of UK How To Dodge Paying Rent

by | 8th, October 2008

TO Liverpool, where signs advertising “rent dodger lives here” are going up outside homes.

Neil Heffey, of estate agent Sutton Estates, based in Anfield, tells the Liverpool Daily Post:

“They can avoid us, but not their neighbours. Now, every time they walk in and out of their door, the neighbours will be laughing at them.”

Has Mr Heffey not read the tabloid press? This is Liverpool, and the neighbours will indeed be laughing as they pop over the road and while perusing catalogues for shell suits and eating baked bean sarnies bone up on rent dodging.

“It’s not a medieval witch-hunt. The signs will not apply to hardship cases, but there are people who take the rent paid to them by the Government and do not pass it on. It’s only a tiny minority of cases, when they don’t pay their rent it’s extremely harmful to the rest of the property business.”

Anorak is off to Liverpool for masterclass symposium in rent dodging.

If this takes off, expect Rent Dodging franchises – Renter Ghost- to spring up all across the country…


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