Anorak News | Lily Cole Tries To Contact Gary Glitter

Lily Cole Tries To Contact Gary Glitter

by | 8th, October 2008

THE Daily Mail is wondering how it can republish that shot of Lily Cole dressed as schoolgirl and give readers another chance to cut it out and keep it as a sign of the sick times in which we live.

Allison Pearson steps into the breach:

The 20-year-old – who with her lanky frame and stunnedcod face looks like a mermaid put through a mangle – agreed to be photographed in pigtails, long white schoolgirl socks and with a pink teddy parked up her Henri Matisse. Factor in the translucent skin and cute snub nose, and Lily looks at least 12.

At leasts. Maybe, 19, or 20…

‘Nudity,’ she tells Playboy readers, ‘has always existed in art. And I think that, given the right conditions, it doesn’t necessarily “debase” any more than it celebrates or represents the human body.’

Try telling that to Gary Glitter, sweetie.

Where is he?

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