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Armageddon On Hold As Blue Collars Take Over

by | 9th, October 2008

ARMAGEDDON is on hold.

The four horsemen of the apocalypse (Short Sellers; Bradford, Bingley, Daryl Lehman) are staved off with the promise of cash. It’s a bribe, and – who knew? – but the forces of man’s destruction are open to cash offers.

Still, the Times asks its readers: “Is this the safest place to put your money?” There picture is of a man pushing a large box cardboard out of book shop. The box is on trolley. The man is in shirt and Comfi-Slax.

Times readers may well says “yes” and rush out to invest in trolleys, cardboard or trace the man in the picture and attempt to stuff cash in his pockets and openings.

Over in the Telegraph, we are “Back from the brink”, having teetered ion the edge of the Guardian’s “Abyss”.

The bailout of the banking system “Could mean £20,000 bill for every UK taxpayer,” says the Scotsman. Or as the Mail puts it:

£16,000 each – Never mind the damage to your pension, that’s what every one of us could have to pay for the Great Bank Nationalisation.

Such are the facts.

Of course, now that we are bankers all, we should dress to look the part.

The Telegraph features two bankers – just yesterday Jim was working the dipping well in Starbucks and Steve was unemployed – but now they are money men.

The lads are sporting this year’s range of light blue shirts. It seems the Times was right, if unspecific, and that putting your money in light blue cotton is a sound investment…

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