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X Factor In Sex Change Shocker

by | 10th, October 2008

HERE’S Austin Drage, X Factor finalist, doing his cover version of Bucks Fizz’s Makin’ Your Mind Up.

And if we wanna see some more… “No!” comes the cry. Get him off. But it’s too late. Alex whips off his Comfi-Slax to reveal a perfect ‘V’ that would shame the Red Arrows.

“I looked quite good as a woman,” says Austin, who is pictured rubbing his hairless chin.

This is “X FACTOR STAR SEX CHANGE SECRET”. It’s front-page news.

And inside the paper, we learn that Austin’s sex change involved not his penis being inverted and replaced inside his cavity, his chest inflated with hormones and pump, but his wearing a wig for a Channel 4 TV show.

Austin says he wouldn’t do it again. Having tried two sexes, he is wary of trying another…

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