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Obama’s Great Schlep Forward

by | 10th, October 2008

JEWS for Obama. Obams for Jews. Jews and Obama for Obama Jews. And so on…

Got Bubbies living in Florida? (That’s a Yiddish term for grandmothers.) Or any other crucial swing state for that matter?

If so, you are qualified for this particular voyage – an organised effort to visit your Jewish grandparents and persuade them to vote for Barack Obama.

“Twelve per cent of the Jewish community is still undecided,” Great Schlep co-founder Ari Wallach told BBC News. “That’s a few hundred thousand people and they tend to cluster in swing states.”

Mr Wallach and co-founder Mik Moore started The Great Schlep to get the Obama message to older Jewish voters.

IN BIG PRINT: Old people vote for who they have alweays voted for. You. Are. Wasting. Your. Time…

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