Anorak News | Faking The Grade: Gawker And Kos Stung In Sarah Palin Lie

Faking The Grade: Gawker And Kos Stung In Sarah Palin Lie

by | 11th, October 2008

SARAH Palin is a white women with a nice line lipstick. So she must be thick. But she isn’t. Dawn Eden spots the fake:

Gawker—the same online rag that called me a “Crazed Christ-Loving Re-Virgin”—is engaging in some craziness of its own: It’s asking readers to judge the validity of what it says may be ‘Sarah Palin’s High-School Grades’—but is in fact a forgery made from my SAT scoresheet, which I posted in January 2004.




A sleuth on the Straight Dope message board identified my scoresheet as the source of the forgery.

The forger lowered the grades and scores on the printout to make Palin, an honor-society member, look like a mediocre student—but wasn’t smart enough to hide the obviousness of the Photoshop job. Still, Gawker publisher Nick Denton—who earlier published e-mails stolen from Palin’s personal account— asserted the fake was credible: “The grades are mediocre—appropriately the small-town girl scores a D in foreign language—but not so dreadful as to immediately stretch credulity. And the first five digits of the social security number do match Sarah Palin’s.”





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