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The World According To Daily Mail Readers

by | 12th, October 2008

A DAILY Mail reader explains the cutent economic downturn:

Britain has been wecked by the Marxist persons within government and local Councils INCLUDING the NHS. Marxist want to rule every moment of the citizenrys life,craddle to grave. That way the Marxist will always be in power and have a “brainwashed” society. This to my mind is proven by the “unhealthy” interest in Soccer, loosely akin to the ancient antics of ROME.

Give the people murder and mayhem, plus BEER, to keep ‘em content, then “they” (The populace) will not bother with politics and we the government can rule in peace, with no hope of a government change. Keeping the peoples mind occupied in the trivia (Just look at the crap that is shown on TV!) and WE the government can do as we like. Bring back common sense, PLEASE.


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