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1983 And All That: Let’s Bomb Switzerland

by | 13th, October 2008

IT’S not quite that bad yet. It’s more 1983 than 1984.

As Michael Foot predicted, we now have higher personal taxation, abolished the House of Lords, nationalised banks and achieved unilateral nuclear disarmament.

OK, we still have the bomb, but as soon as we’ve bombed everyone else bomb, we won’t need it any more. Or we could keep it and erect a statue to Foot in every major city in Europe..?

But what if the plan fails to save the FTSE with the Foot fails? What if the money it’s not enough and we end up owning lots of impoverished banks and impoverished bank workers?

Well, then, dear Foot follower, we invade Switzerland.

As Gerald Kaufman put it, the 1983 Labour manifesto as “the longest suicide note in history”.

And the Swiss are so very fond of suicide…

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