Anorak News | New York’s Climate Kops Shun Light, The Bringer Of Daymares

New York’s Climate Kops Shun Light, The Bringer Of Daymares

by | 14th, October 2008

THE Green Shirts are coming. No, not cub scouts. Worse: Klimate Kops.

The New York Times spots them watching you:

Sometimes, Jennifer Ross feels she cannot make a move at home without inviting the scorn of her daughters, 10-year-old Grace and 7-year-old Eliza.

Mom is like soooo embarrassing….

The Acura MDX she drives? A flagrant polluter. The bath at night to help her relax? A wasteful indulgence. The reusable shopping bags she forgot, again? Tsk, tsk.

Mom is like such a rebel. It takes the Klimate Kids to keep her on the right path…

“I have very, very environmentally conscious children — more so than me, I’m embarrassed to say,” said Ms. Ross, a social worker in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. “They’re on my case about getting a hybrid car. They want me to replace all the light bulbs in the house with energy-saving bulbs.”

The eco-kids want shutting in a small, unheated dark room…

They pore over garbage bins in search of errant recyclables. They lobby for solar panels. And, in a generational about-face, they turn off the lights after their parents leave empty rooms.

They hold their breath for minutes at a time so as not to expel too much carbon dioxide…

In Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, Jan Schmidt, a stay-at-home mother, and Mark Goetz, a professor of furniture design, have watched, amazed, as their 4-year-old son chastises them for letting the water run while they brush their teeth. “He’ll come over and turn it off and say, ‘Every day is Earth Day,’ ” Ms. Schmidt said.

Back in his small dark room he feels safe. The lights bring bogeyman and daymares…


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