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Home Shopping: Posh And Becks Take On eBay Thieves

by | 14th, October 2008

“BECKHAMS BETRAYED,” says the Mirror.

“Posh agony at ‘intimate’ items sold on eBay.

We feel her pain. You don’t put in the hard yards building the brand for someone else to cash in on your husband’s name.

News is that Beckhams’ housekeepers have been arrested on suspicion of stealing from the couple. As if Her Pohsness does not have enough to do looking after three kids and a mansion, she has to take care of a middle-aged couple.

What a gal!

Eric and June Emmett are helping the police with their enquiries. On the table are two football boots: one is emblazoned with the names of Beckhams’ children, the other boot Day-vid wore while playing for England.

And that is not all. The Sun uses it front page to advertise “designer gear” and sportswear”.

In response, the Mirror says the Beckhams have now lunched a “huge security review”, placing tags on all their stock and detailing a large man in a scratchy nylon jumper to watch all doors and till points in their home…

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