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Di Another Day: Kate Middleton’s Car Phone

by | 14th, October 2008

CALL the Celebrity Police Force. But we cannot. They are without a head, and the celeb’s face may not adorn the halls of Scotland Yard posing with a young CPC.

As Sun Page 3 stunna Keeley says: “Surely Kate can afford a hands-free kit… or she could get Wills to buy her one.” On a squaddies wage… No chance.

The Sun’s front-page reveals that Kate Middleton has been spotted driving a car while talking on a mobile telephone.

Readers learn that had Kate Middleclass been pulled over by the CPF, she could have been fined £60 and had three penalty points placed on her licence. Had she caused an accident, she could have been jailed.

Had she wanted to get to the shops on time, she would have been accompanied by the CPF and much blues and twos as the motored down the hard shoulder.

The Sun is aghast and makes a call to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. It hears a regal voice say that driving while on the phone is “extremely dangerous”.

See Paris 1997.

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