Anorak News | Cristina Aguilera Saves Africa: Colin Powell Applauds

Cristina Aguilera Saves Africa: Colin Powell Applauds

by | 14th, October 2008

IN time of trouble, we turn to they who will make sense of it all. We turn to the celebrities, to whose wisdom we defer and whose patronage we court.

Whereas once a politician would down on popstars, it is now the celebrity who disapproves of the politicos.

As Holy Moly notes:

Advance thanks go out to Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson for their ‘all trick, no treat’ plans to dress up as Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, and her husband Todd for Halloween.

Politicians understand the power of pop. This is why they nod along and clap when Bob Geldof screams for us to end poverty. Star struck hacks don’t ask Bob “How?”, they just nod along and smile.

If only Gordon Brown could get way with vacuous comments and a reliance on passion while being filthy rich and wintering in Barbados.

Tony Blair took things too far and became a hybrid polip. Neither one thing nor the other, Tony makes everyone feel uneasy and looks too much like the failed rock star who discovered God. One day he can Bono will swap places and no-one will notice.

Politicans wooing pop; it needs careful handling.

So to the Albert Hall, where Colin Powell, the former US secretary of state, is sharing the stage with popstar Cristina Aguilera.

The cause is Africa Rising – “Building relationships with effective, grassroots African organizations.”

And Powell will explain how the West can help Africa to help itself. His words will be dissected. Aguilera will shout “Peace” and flash a V sign and the crowd will go wild…

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