Anorak News | The BNP Guardian Wants British Coffee For British Coffee Drinkers

The BNP Guardian Wants British Coffee For British Coffee Drinkers

by | 14th, October 2008

EXCUSE me. Yes, you with the “our” watery Starbucks coffee, the fair trade sugar and look of understanding.

The Guardian would like to garner your thoughts on the BNP.

“Does the BNP speak for you?”

You put down your white (guilt) coffee and look at the canvasser’s laptop. You click through to and see a picture of BNP leader Nick Griffin.

Cast your vote and a free gift as a reward. You can browse the BNP propaganda while you think on the ishoos.

A spokeswoman for The Guardian said the links to the poll were supplied by Google and got through its list of banned keywords. The newspaper will now block all poll advertising.

It’s not like the Guardian knows how keywords work, and their value. Not long ago the paper bought the keywords “Madeleine McCann” from Google. Type in a search for Our Maddie and by the result you’d get an advert for the caring Guardian.

So vote made. And back to the coffee. And while you drink, enjoy one of the 2m Guardian newspapers being given out to Starbucks customers each week. Inside, they can read about the environment while listening to the tropical sounds of the store’s in-house waterfall

British coffee for British drinkers!

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