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John Travolta Feels Paris Burn With Love

by | 15th, October 2008

TO a housing estate in Paris where a flammable John Travolta is clutching his head and departing stage right as the jeunesse dorée are cooking cars a la mode.

The Mail picks up the scent of Renault fricassee and tells of rioting youths who “torched ten of the production’s cars and threatened crew”.

Oh, the name of the film? From Paris With Love.

Says the Mail:

Travolta… in particular wanted to get as close as possible to an underclass which suffers some of the worst social problems in Europe. He and his wife Kelly Preston arrived in Paris earlier this month, and were due to spend the next three months living close to Montfermeil.

They still can. A few burning cars is the traditional Paris welcome. If Travolta and Preston want to get really close they should move into a Renault Scenic, pack their pockets with garlic and wait for the local to mingle with them…

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