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Gordon Brown Finds The Family Pop Shaft

by | 16th, October 2008

GORDON Brown is not into the cult of celebrity. He is on GMTV because GMTV needs him.

Gordon Brown will not parade his children before the media, especially when Ben 10 is on the telly and Gordon is called upon to hum the theme tune. His children are not props. His wife is more an autocue than a prop.

Gordon Brown is with Allison Pearson, of the Daily Mail, because he needs to be. He wants to be tough on Pearson and the causes on Pearsons:

The PM has been meeting people all day. But when we walk into the living room of the flat ‘above the shop’, there is someone else waiting patiently for his help – a small boy wearing a pair of cartoon pyjamas. ‘The wheel’s come off,’ says John Brown, five next week, handing over a Transformers car. ‘Fix it, Dad.’

What does Daddy do?

Brown puts his jacket on the coffee table, where a stack of official papers are ready for tomorrow. Then, obligingly, he gets down on all fours on the carpet, his tie flapping, and searches for the missing wheel.

Unable to find the wheel, he blames the Americans for creating an environment in which wheels can go missing. He will get his boy a new wheel, once Allison has lent him the funds to save the entire car…

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