Anorak News | A Statement On Modern Warfare And Dwindling Fossil Fuel Supplies

A Statement On Modern Warfare And Dwindling Fossil Fuel Supplies

by | 16th, October 2008

“WHAT stands six metres tall, takes three days to put together and has something special to say about modern warfare and dwindling fossil fuel supplies?”

That question to readers of the University of Queensland’s website.

Old Mr Anorak suggests a) a longbow; b) Victoria Beckham (in heels); c) an exploding mongoose.

And we would agree with them all. But then the question is rhetorical and the answer is soon given as:

My Humvee (inversion therapy), a monumental sculpture by Peter Hennessey which is the latest acquisition by the UQ Art Museum and is now on show to the public.

It’s terrific…

Carved out of black painted plywood and standing permanently in the museum foyer, the piece resembles a tower which on closer inspection becomes a model of the gas-guzzling car tipped on its nose.

It’s genius. And much, much, much better and more arty than buying an old Humvee and standing it on its nose.

Right now in Iraq, American are climbing into their installations and being shot by men with paintball guns. But, then, everyone’s a critic…


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