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The Sabatier Centro Turbo: It’s The Shaving War Stupid

by | 18th, October 2008

WHEN Old Mr Anorak shaves, he just pulls forward his ears and ups the power and “power shaves”.

Wilkinson Sword are bringing out the new Ventotto in an aim to say one step ahead of the much-anticipated and feared Gillette Otto.

There is talk of Sabatier getting in to the mail grooming market with the Cento, a six-foot high phallus to modern manhood that requires the shaver to stand in the “Sheath Zone” while the blade shears him of every scrap of body hair.

The Cento Turbo promises to do the job of the fasted back, crack and sack man in the comfort of your own home.

Shaving is in an arms race.

The only limit on shaving is what can be shaved. And today Anorak trials the new vegetable and fruit shaver.

The Zyliss Multipeeler is new blade in the shaving market:

By pressing the on/off button once, the tough electric motor rotates at 8,000rpm powering two blades, each with 70 micro teeth.

The Settanta! Watch the football while you shave. Happy days.

The oscillating blades then easily and safely remove peel without the need to apply lots of pressure. The Multipeeler can peel carrots, potatoes, runner beans, tomatoes and kiwis, as well as thinly slicing chocolate and cheese.

Gentle readers, who among us is not turned onto the idea that the Multipeeler is the shaver we’ve been waiting for?

Adolescent peach fuzzz… Gone!

Hairy top lip… Gone! Literally.

How the big players in the shaving cold war respond will be fascinating to watch. There will be blood (and little bits of toilet paper)…

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