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Madeley For Television: How Celebrity Ruins Young People

by | 20th, October 2008

RICHARD Madeley, a TV presenter, is talking about the culture of celebrity at the Cheltenham Literature Festival. Says he:

“Kids really think they can get fame overnight because, very occasionally, they see it happen. It is very dangerous for them because it sets them up for massive disappointment.”

He’s right. The kids wanna be famous but they arrive at the stage door only to find that the best celeb jobs are filled by talented sons and daughters of stars, like Chloe Madeley. She ‘s in FHM magazine, being talented:

Blonde, bright… and the daughter of Richard and Judy. That’s the dizzy precipice on which leggy Chloe Madeley stands, aged 21, trying to carve out her own career as a TV presenter.

Chloe and her brother Jack have been talking about mum and dad in the Daily Mirror.

Says Chloe:

Dad’s also very supportive. If I said to him I wanted to be a poledancer, he’d say: “OK, if that makes you happy…” I’ve never been asked to pose for a lads’ mag but, if I wanted to, I think Dad would back my decision.

Says the Mirror today:

“He said too many young people are being persuaded they have talent – and they are misled into seeking showbiz when they have no chance of success.”

Chloe and her brother Jack have Big Brother extra show, on Channel 4. That’s the same channel where mum and dad have starred:

Richard and Judy mentioned and shamelessly promoted their children and their presenting on Big Brother’s Big Mouth a lot of times on today’s programme, complete with clips from the show… before showing interviewing them and showing more clips of them!

So, daddy, what’s it like to be famous..?

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