Anorak News | Colin Powell’s Racist Unknown Knowns

Colin Powell’s Racist Unknown Knowns

by | 20th, October 2008

COLIN Powell for Barack Obama. Only:

But then Powell raised the ante. Citing unnamed Republican party leaders (not McCain), he said these leaders made allegations to him that Obama was a Muslim and therefore a “terrorist”. Really? I would like to hear the names of those “leaders.”

Indeed. Name names. Powell is noted for not finding weapons of mass destruction and not naming names. What else hasn’t he done?

Sure, there are plenty of extremists on the Internet and elsewhere bantering around stuff like that (just as there are liberal-left extremists spewing nonsense about McCain), but genuine party leaders? Would Powell please name one? If not, this seems like a political smear. Why would Powell feel he needed to make it?

Roger L Simon is right. Why bother about these rumours and untruths when Obama’s actual Christian pastor is such fertile ground for attack?

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