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Sun Seeks To Drive Afghan Refugees From Home

by | 21st, October 2008

A WIN for the Sun as Toorpakai Saindi and her seven children are to be kicked out of their home.

The Sun says the home in Acton, West London, is worth £1.2milion – and falling in value all the time. The single mum gets the “equivalent of £170,000 a year from the taxpayer”.

The paper makes no mention of why Ms Toorpakai moved to the UK, only that she was placed in the home because the council had a shortage of alternative accommodation.

James Purnell, the magical Work and Pensions Secretary, says it is “unacceptable”. He is writing up rules that will aim to place a cap on rent for houses with five bedrooms or more.

The Sun does not say if this is a cap on what the council will pay or a cap on what the landlord can charge. If landlords all charge a higher fee, than Purnell deems fair, what then? Will he split families up into smaller accommodation? Will he rule that families of only certain size will be grated refugee status?

Says Purnell: “This first step is part of a much wider review.”

Which is tantamount to the of-trotted political mantra: “Join the debate.”

What it all adds up to is that Ms Saindi is still in her rented home. Her landlord is collecting £12, 458 from the council every month.

On a brighter note, a family who sought refuge in this country are being demonised by the tabloid press.


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