Anorak News | I Knifed A Girl: Katy Perry Flicks Her Blade And Joey Lappin Dies

I Knifed A Girl: Katy Perry Flicks Her Blade And Joey Lappin Dies

by | 22nd, October 2008

ANORAK is delighted to see that lesbian enthusiast Katy Perry has bucked the trend for eating with her fingers and has taken to wielding a knife.

The singer’s other hand of not in shot on the Sun’s cover page, but Anorak wagers that it holds a fork or – little steps (Miss Perry is an American) – a spoon.

Harsh, indeed, then for the Sun to brand Perry the “No1 idiot” in “SINGER KNIFE OUTRAGE”.

The Sun pictures 16-year-old Army cadet Joey Lappin, who has been stabbed to death.

He is not the No1 Idiot, neither is his killer, nor is any member of the gang that chased him and also stabbed his friend, 17-year-old Callum Naden, also not the No1 idiot.

The Sun’s focus is on Perry, who has not stabbed anyone, to the best of our knowledge.

The Sun calls Richard Taylor, father to murdered Damiloa Taylor, and gets the response: “Any youngsters seeing this will think it’s OK to carry a blade.”

The Sun is taking quite a risk, then, in broadcasting the image to its readers and their families. If the paper gets into the wrongs hands, young girls will be going about the place topless, getting off with each other and carrying erect flick knives.

It’s a vision only compounded by the fact that the image, produced for a publicity shot for her 2008 release One For The Boys, didn’t make the final cut for her LP sleeve.

It has been left to the Sun to bring it to the attention of impressionable yoofs…


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