Anorak News | Ferris Obama’s Day Off: A Sick Grandma And A Free Pizza For Every McCain Hater

Ferris Obama’s Day Off: A Sick Grandma And A Free Pizza For Every McCain Hater

by | 22nd, October 2008

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It’s a slice of apple pie and spite in Michigan.

A Michigan pizzeria is offering free pizza to anyone bringing in McCain-Palin campaign signs. Signs have gone missing. Yoofs are believed to be the bargain hunting culprits.

Brad Edwards is “LIVE” from the eatery. Says the owner (video):

I’m the owner of Salvatore’s pizzeria – healthcare is killing us”

In other US health news, the Sun’s readers learn that Obama has taken two days off from campaigning to spend time with his ill grandma, Madelyn Dunham.

Her health records have not been made public, and school children will nod in a cynical appreciation of how a poorly or permanently at rest grandparent can earn a few days off, and a lack of homework and press conferences.

So who will talk for Obama when Obama is tending to the sick?

In the FT, Gideon Rachman suggests that should Obama get elected, his ambassador to Britain will be… “Oprah Winfrey.” He calls this a “bona fide rumour”. It is sourced in “well-placed sources”.

Oprah comes here and Jeremy Kyle takes up Britain’s seat on the UN security council. Britons get to read up on therapy and win a free car if they say nice thing about the Yanks, while the enemies get told to “Be a man” and a small bearded girl is wheeled out and Ahmadinejad is threatened with a paternity test…

Best wishes to Madelyn Dunham

Good wishes for Mrs. Madelyn Dunham’s return to health

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