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On Iceland: Kerry Katona Asks The Questions

by | 23rd, October 2008

KERRY Katona was not drunk on This Morning yesterday morning.

Or as the Star’s front page puts it: “KERRY: I WASN’T PISHT HONEST”, and inside “SHERRY KATONA ‘DRUNK’ ON TELLY”.

This is, of course, the Daily Star, sister organ to OK!, a magazine not so much soft focus as magic eye, rendering everyone within into one stunning, gorgeous and talented blur.

In the magazine, Our Kerry lends her name to a diary in which she comments on the week’s news and how whatever anyone reads about her “NONE OF IT’S TRUE”.

So why was Kerry beligerant, slurring her words and lolling about on the This Morning sofa?

Kerry’s husband, one Mark Croft (Original; let’s stick with the sherry theme), blames Kerry’s medication and the show’s hosts.

Kerry is undergoing treatment of being bi-polar, a condition brought on by climate change. And, true enough, hosts Fern Britton and Phillip Schofield have driven many a woman to drink, specifically to a lo-fat blend of Ryvita and homogenised rubber band (her) and warm Grecian 2000 (him).

“I want a word with him for this,” says Croft.

“Kerry would like to categorically state for the record that that the only thing she drank before the show was cups of tea”

This is the last time I do this f****** show,” says Kerry.

Kerry then addresses the crowd:

“Why would I go on a TV programme pissed? Do I look stupid?”

Whoa! One question is more than enough after last night’s medication; two questions can result in us becoming disorientated and confused…

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