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Gordon Brown Is Not A Celebrity, But He Knows Winehouse Is

by | 23rd, October 2008

GORDON Brown is not a celebrity. No, really. But Gordon Brown knows all about celebrity. He knows Nelson Mandela, who doesn’t know Amy Winehouse.

Winehouse is the only celebrity who Mandela has not already met or is not waiting outside his office in a queue of celebs that stretches for some miles.

Says Gordon in the Sun of Nelson’s 90th birthday concert:

“As he looked at the concert I had this responsibility of explaining to him, as she came on stage, who Amy Winehouse was.

And who she?

“And so I was, um, it took a bit of time to tell the full story.

“Then Amy Winehouse was saying to her friends, ‘You know, Nelson Mandela and my husband have a great deal in common — both of them have spent a great deal of time in prison’. And then when people were singing at the end that great song, Free Nelson Mandela, she was actually singing, ‘Free Blakey My Fella’.”


After the last line, guests at the No. 10 meeting burst out laughing.

Stop, Gordon, you’re killing us. Really…

One said: “The Prime Minister was on top form.

Well, it’s all about the jokes isn’t it…

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