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Paedos On Ice: The Biggest Christmas Show In Town

by | 23rd, October 2008

PAEDOS on Ice. Where? In a temporary floodlit area next to Bath Sports and Leisure Centre.

Right it is that Sygma Events Ltd has decided not to go ahead with the ice rink this Christmas.

Staff and parents from St John’s Catholic Primary School can spot a paedo at one hundred paces. They have heard of Paedos on Ice. But not in this town. Not never.

Says Brian Cleary, of Sygma Events Ltd:

“It’s a great shame when something as innocent as an ice rink can be thwarted due to unfounded suggestions by a minority with a misguided agenda.”

What are paedos on ice but on a misguided agenda, often heavily into the wall of the rink?

“Thousands of families will have one less thing to look forward to this Christmas and will now have to travel out of town to enjoy their festive fun.”

Come, come, our sympathy for Peados on Ice can only go so far. We might be liberal, but Paedos on Ice is a show too far.

“We feel the child protection issues given by the representatives of the school, have been used beyond reason and the location for the rink poses no additional risk to children beyond the already busy Bath Leisure Centre, rugby and cricket clubs which are in close proximity to the school.”

Paedos on Boots! Paedos on Stumps! Hurrah! The show WILL go on. Last one to the showers is a shirt lifter…

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