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Kerry Katona: This Is Why Mum Lives In Iceland

by | 24th, October 2008

WITH climate controlled Kerry Katona returned to the cool of Iceland, news in the Sun is that:

Kerry Katona’s fuming hubby had to be forcibly removed from This Morning studios by security after squaring up to host Phillip Schofield.

There can be no shame in being bounced from This Morning. But shame on Croft for not issuing his challenge to Schofield live on air and couching it in a charity event. Would Phil ‘The Grecian’ Schofield dare to refuse the chance to help the downtrodden, lonely and institutionalised (aka: the viewers)?

The Sun hears Mark brands Phillip a “f***ing idiot”. In its “exclusive”, the Mirror says:

“He was jabbing his finger in Phil’s face and giving him what for. He was so angry he was frothing at the mouth. It was an extraordinary scene and everyone was standing there with their mouths wide open.”

A foamy slack jaw is the required pose for watching This Morning. The show demands such an approach.

And Phillip Schofield… What did he do?

“What I would have to say is that if you are concerned about your wife — as he obviously is — and you are the person who has accompanied her in a car to bring her into a television studio, and you notice that particular morning her medication or whatever is having an effect on her speech, surely you shouldn’t bring her into a studio.”

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Over in the Telegraph, Max Clifford, Kerry’s agent, is watching the events. Says he:

“Iceland are worried because she is supposed to be this happy capable young mum and the interview today doesn’t give that perception.”

A happy, capable mum who lives with a giant squirrel and who buys frozen food from a country overrun by terrorists? This is surely a contract Katona can do without?

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