Anorak News | Golf With Cats: Jung Man hits Caddy For Two Million

Golf With Cats: Jung Man hits Caddy For Two Million

by | 28th, October 2008

FOUR! Balls!

To South Korea, where a golfer identified by the country’s Supreme Court only as “Jung”, is stood before the Beak.

Back in time we go. It is 2006 and Jung is stood at the third hole at a club in Gunsan Province.

Jung addresses the ball.

Eyes narrow. Club swings. His left foot slips. The ball rockets off behind him and slaps his caddy in the midriff.

Two!… One!

The caddy is carted to hospital, where he remains for seven weeks.

The Supreme Court rules that Jung has violated the duty of due care to prevent injury to others while playing a sport. He is fined 2 million won (£911)…

“In events such as boxing or judo, injury to the opponent is to be expected so there is that mitigating circumstance,” the court said.

“But in golf, it is unreasonable to expect a caddy should anticipate injury to him or herself.”

Unless it’s crazy golf, in which it’s every man for himself…


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