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Talking Revenge And Tendulkar With Indian Call Centre Workers

by | 30th, October 2008

OLD Mr Anorak is delighted with his new bank.

With all the doom and gloom in Blighty, he is able to dial the bank’s premium rate number and talk to their employees about such exciting topics as India’s mission into space, Sachin Tendulkar’s test match record and the latest Bollywood releases.

Not everyone is so fortunate and the Mail hears of a George Bates. He called his bank and was met by “rude” staff. He “felt justified in registering a complaint”.

Who does not?

The bank worker sent him a customer satisfaction survey and Mr Bates gave the lowest scores he could.

When he called Abbey the next day – and what more British and Christian name than it? – Mr Bates was unable to access his account for “security reasons”.

Bates then visited a hole in the wall, inserted his cash card and saw the machine eat it.

When the worried 23-year-old finally got to his local branch he was horrified to discover his identity had been changed to that of a Ugandan divorcee ten years his senior…

Over the next few days Mr Bates found his overdraft and six direct debits had been cancelled – landing him with £60 in charges.

Says he:

“When I heard my details had been changed I was terrified my account had been emptied and I’d never get my money back. This phone operator has obviously seen that I’ve given him bad feedback and decided to change all my details in revenge.”


He said the operator, who had a strong Asian accent, had been ‘really unhelpful, rude, arrogant and very pushy. Then he had the cheek to pester me to give him a good rating.’

Says the Mail:

The Abbey has five call centres in Britain and two in India.

The matter must be dealt with immediately and the two call centres closed.

Meanwhile OMA is on the phone discussing the merits of bombing Pakistan…

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