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Jonathan Ross Telethon: BBC Talent Donates Salary To Good Causes

by | 31st, October 2008

NEWS that Jonathan Ross is to forgo £1.5milion pay is good news for Spanish waiters, and great news for the economy as a whole.

Ross, a BBC employee and civil servant, realised the state of the Government coffers and offered to self-tax.

Ross knew that Gordon Brown would not fail to be turned on by his celebrity debate. Brown duly calls for Ross’s head. Ross has to go. And Melton Mowbray gets a new community centre.

Bravo for Jonathan Ross, who is rightly lauded on every one of the nation’s front pages.

More like him, says Anorak.

If they had one shred of decency about them, other BBC staffers would follow his lead.

Come on, Paxman, can’t you call Mandelson a “noofter”; step up to the Mark, John Humphreys and masturbate live on Today; how about some crude gags and penis shots, Lucas and Walliams, Big Britain needs you. Even loud mouth comic Russell Brand has donated £200,000!

The Sun adds up Ross’s gift to the nation as “£1.5m”. The Star makes it “at least “£2milllion”. The Mail makes it just “£1.4m”.

The Mirror says Radio 2 controller Lesley Douglas has resigned, although the paper fail to proved details of her wages.

But, still, every little helps and the First Basildon cub-scouts will enjoy their new wigwam…

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