Anorak News | Spanish Hamster Waiters Out To Crucify Lewis Hamilton

Spanish Hamster Waiters Out To Crucify Lewis Hamilton

by | 31st, October 2008

TO Spain, where the locals are seeking revenge on the damage inflicted to Spanish hamster waiters by attacking stand-up British racing driver Lewis Hamilton.


The Star has been trawling internet message boards and found a few people who – get this – have nasty things to say about Our Lewis, now based in Switzerland.

“A sick message from a man called Angel, who posted a nail for Lewis on lap 11, raged: ‘I hope you crash, son of a bitch.’”

A nail? Can you post an actual item on the web? (It’s not called the information superhighway for nothing! – Ed)

Says another well wisher:

“I hope you run over your dad in the first pit stop.”

And, truth be told, which TV exec does not secretly share the hope for such drama, crashes and injuries highlights among the traffic?

The Sun has also been on the trawl for nasties, and finds one called Carillo offering these driving tips:

“Half-breed, kill yourself in your car.”

Another calls him a “monkey”.

“Hamilton abuse storm,” scream the Mail. There’s a virtual racetrack and the Spanish hamster waiters are leaving virtual nails on it for a virtual Hamilton to puncture a virtual wheel on.

Interesting times in traffic watching. Virtually…

Image: Spanish train to win big race…

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