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Daily Mail Bloggers For Russell Brand

by | 1st, November 2008

ALLISON Pearson is discusing how offended she is by Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross in the Daily Mail. Having transcribed the phone calls, Pearson notes:

 A bewildered, icily polite Gwyneth Paltrow, who had just survived the rigours of natural childbirth, had to put up with Ross asking if she planned to have sex again soon…

She survived child birth. Her three doctors can stand down. And Palttow survived sitting on a sofa. What a gal! 

They told a reporter that they thought the Ross-Brand tape was absolutely hilarious. Like Nic Philps [who produced Brand’s BBC2 show], those viewers belong to the MySpace and blogging generation. They have been raised on a culture of unedited speech where you can say any damned thing you like and no one will cut it.

Ah, yes the bloggers, like Natlie Theo, who blogs in the, er. Mail, Here’s Nat:

As Leona Lewis belted out hit after hit in those dulcet tones of hers, I popped into Topshop to see if I could get my hands on a Kate Moss for Topshop tiger dress. I decided against it at £100 (!! for an almost t-shirt??) and opted for a Laduree macaroon instead.

At least her blog is up to date. Most of the Mail’s other blogs are gathereing dust and lookign, well, old and tired… 

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