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Mr Sick Joker: Children Stick Knife-Sharp Pins In Babies

by | 4th, November 2008

THE Sun says HMV is glorifying knife crime – by selling Batman badges featuring the “deadly weapons”.

For £2.99, children, adults can buy a badge of The Joker “framed by a circle of 12 blades”.

“Yet the only warning on the packs said that the pin on the back could hurt babies.”

While Anorak puts that warning to the test, showing a picture of knives to babies and then testing their sensitivity to pain, shopper Nadia Cooke is in a branch of HMV with her 11-year-old sister and 15-year-old brother.

Says she:

“I could not believe that, with the extent of youth knife crime, these products were for sale. I feel these badges endorse knife crime. They seem to send a signal to kids that the use of knives is glamorous.”

No more or no less glamorous than badges. And there is worse:

They were alongside a display of others picturing pre-school favourites Mr Men and Little Miss.

For safety sake, all Little Miss Raver books have been placed face down and Little Mr Kebab Shop has been placed in restraining position beneath the weight of Mr Plod and PC Plum.

All staples have been removed.

Anorak thanks the Sun for bringing this story to light, and urges any readers who see a man wearing any kind of badge to report the sighting to the authorities – although the badge enthusiast is most likely already on the sex offenders’ register and more…

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