Anorak News | Less Than O: Obama Rides In Lewis Hamilton’s Black Smoke Screen

Less Than O: Obama Rides In Lewis Hamilton’s Black Smoke Screen

by | 4th, November 2008

ROUND the big tarmaced ‘O’, Lewis Hamilton goes. Round the ‘O’. Round the ‘O’. Round and round and round and round and round the ‘O’.

And as he goes round the ‘O’, Lewis Hamilton starts to hanker for an O-range. He wonders how Oldham Athletic are getting along? And then a Sun hack asks him: McCain or Obama?

“OBAMA IN POLL POSITION,” screeches the Sun’s front-page headline. “If I was over there I’d vote for Obama,” says Hamilton.

And if ACORN was running the show, Hamilton might well get the chance to vote for Obama. But as a foreigner – yes, Our Lewis lives in Switzerland – Hamilton is barred under pain of law from posting his ballot.

Obama and Hamilton are peas in a pod, right? Here’s Obama on F1:

“…the blame for the world’s higher temperature rests on gas guzzling vehicles.”

Happily, though, Hamilton runs on green tyres, and Obama can still become World Formula 1 racing champion, if things in Washington don’t work out.

But might there be other reasons why Obama and Hamilton share the Sun’s glow?

Fergus Shanahan, the paper’s deputy editor offers:

“Will Obama be champ after the race is won?”

“Young and handsome black guy rises form broken home to beat racists and become inspirational world hero.”

Stephen Glover tells Mail readers:

“Lewis Hamilton is an inspirational figure – but where are the black Britons who could one day be our Obama?”

Back to Shanahan, and you know what’s coming… Here it is:

“Yep, brilliant Lewis Hamilton blazed a trail for another black champion with that heart-stopping courageous lap in Brazil.”

Having linked Hamilton’s race with Obama’s race in a flurry of race metaphors, Shanahan slides into the pits:

“In the last grand prix of American politics Barack Obama is inches away from the chequered flag and in his pit lane the celebrations have already started…”

Shanahan could lap like this all day. He says that “like Hamilton” Obama is a “role model”.

This is what white journalists do when a black man does anything other than help police with their enquiries. Any black man who does anything half decent must be role model, ceasing to function as a normal, flawed individual like any other white person, and raised as a totem to the black masses.

See, black kidz, you don’t need to nick pension books and smoke crack, you can be a success. And you white kids, get a load of Prince William. Live the dream.

Shanahan then undoes his entire piece by comparing McCain to Hamilton, musing:

“Can the old warrior do a Lewis Hamilton and squeeze past in the dying seconds.”

Age before beauty, and all that.

And in case you’re wondering if Shanahan is having it both ways, know that Hamilton’s mother is white, like Obama’s…

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