Anorak News | Priest Goes For Head As Nuns Aim Below The Belt

Priest Goes For Head As Nuns Aim Below The Belt

by | 4th, November 2008

“I CAME down to try to calm things down but the priest hit me with a chair and I ended up on the floor.

“Then the two sisters started kicking me, insulting me with unrepeatable words.”

To Italy where the manager of an eatery in the village of Rutino near Salerno, in southern Italy, is responding to news of trouble.

The restaurant is owned by the Catholic Church and two of that body’s members are getting feisty.

“This establishment was being occupied illegally,” says lawyer Gaetano Di Vietri. “As to the alleged aggression, I would only say that the two nuns have a combined age of about 160. For the rest, it will be up to the magistrate to clear up, but the clergy members deny the allegations.”

It would seem a life of celibacy keeps the fires burning and energies intact. No man is safe.

The clerics are members of the Disciples of Santa Teresa and the Baby Jesus, which wants the property back…

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