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Kenya Declares Obama The Winner

by | 4th, November 2008

IN Kenya Barack Obama has already won the job of US President.

In Kisumu, Obama scored 342 votes to McCain’s 46.

The Obama supporters, most of them young men and women, burst into song and dance moments after Mr Lawrence Oyange, who was in charge of the exercise, announced results at Oile market at around 11.20am.


The vote counting was interrupted after some of the voters accused Oyange of plotting to rig the polls in favur of McCain.

Trouble started after Obama supporters threatened to beat up Oyange who had stopped the exercise to answer a telephone call.

The angry Obama supporters shouted: “You want to rig. Why are you talking to McCain?”

“The exercise was free and fair. There were no ugly incidents and we are happy with the way people turned out to vote,” says Oyange.

Meanwhile in the UK, Lewis Hamilton is in the tank…


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