Anorak News | Hitler Comes Out In Support Of McCain, Obama Supporters React With Marker Pens

Hitler Comes Out In Support Of McCain, Obama Supporters React With Marker Pens

by | 5th, November 2008

DON’T bet against John McCain winning, not if Adolf Hitler’s got anything to do with it.

A US President needs two things: a death cult and a fan to mock him up as Adolf Hitler

McCain has a death cult. Sarah Palin has a death cult. Even her children have a death cult. And Obama, well, he has not so much death cult as a base. Joe Biden has no death cult, and given his absence from the debate, he shows few signs of life let alone death.

So the McCain-Palin ticket is ahead. And now we learn that McCain is Hitler.

Obama came close to being Hitler.

He went to Germany and wowed the locals into a state of euphoria.

Locals climbed lamp posts designed by Albert Speer to catch a glimpse of the man. Obama was by the Victory Column. Hands up for Obama. Higher. Higher. Make the sign.

Anorak invited suggestions for Obama’s new middle name, one to gel with the masses. Adolf Hitler Obama was one option.

But no-one took it, not really.

And now it is McCain who has nailed the endorsement that marks all Presidents.

The image above appears in Missouri City. It has with been created by Obama supporters keen to show that McCain is no different to George Bush and all those other leaders who are routinely portrayed as Hitler.

Or else it has been created by a McCain supporter keen to show that when it comes to credibility, their man can be as loathed and lampooned as any US leader should be.

If Obama is to win his supporters need to up their game. A magic marker would do it, a mere smudge above the top lip. We have the markers, and with the day upon us: Old Mr Anorak, our patron, is backing Obama.

So armed with pens and bits of fluff and sticks of glue, the Anorak staffers have been detailed to make Obama a true candidate we can believe in.

Job done we will hang around for the spontaneous distribution of wealth that will follow Obama’s victory.


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