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Obama: No Policy Beyond Murder

by | 5th, November 2008

NOW Obama is the President, he gets to be mocked up as Hitler and hacks get down to the serious business of wondering when he will be murdered.

We don’t know what Obama stands for, but we don’t need to. He won’t be around too long and why waste breath on defining economic policy when your breathy final word can be “Believe” or “Change”?

The Sun informs us: “3 in glass will stop bullet at big party”. Emily Smith says the glass protected Obama from snipers at his election night bash.

National Guard experts on “Weapons of Mass Destruction” are drafted in. Yeah, right. Does anyone in the US know what a WMD looks like?

Again the Sun tells readers that Obama has been the “target of over 500 death threats”. Things seem to have stalled.

Is Obama trying hard enough to be hated?

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