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White House, Big House And Winehouse

by | 6th, November 2008

NOW the long wait is over, the Sun and other tabloids can get down to the serious business of wondering when the first couple will die.

With the War for the White House won, the joyous news is that Blake Fielder Civil is released from prison.

For Republicans, this might be the good day to bury bad news. Amy Winehouse’s man is out and newspapers will once again be full of insight and speculation.

To the jail.

It is 8am and in a credit crunch busting “gold Mercedes”, Blake is taken from Edmunds Hill Prison and delivered ‘home’ to a rehab clinic. His celebrity life back in full swing, Blake stops at a service station to flash a peace sign and tell reporters:

“I’m gonna see my wife and take her knickers down”… to the dry cleaners.

And in seven days time when Amy’s gunties are as clean as her husband, Blake will “get my life back”.

Amy hears you, Blake. “Who’s first?” she asks of a group of civil rights activists outside her home. “Who wants some?”

Nice offer, Amy, generous even. But we’ll wait the full seven days. It’s been a while and it can only be decent and proper to let Blake have fist dibs.

Every one deserves a second chance.

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