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More On Barack Obama’s Post Race Race

by | 10th, November 2008

BARACK Obama Watch: NO more race! And NO more race!! James Hannaham notes:

Obama’s acceptance of his Caucasian genes is another quality that sets him closer to the centre than to Malcolm X. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it: Obama’s biracial. He’s an African-American, certainly — in strictly genetic terms, he’s more literally African-American than other American black folks, whose veins are awash in various percentages of African, Native American and European blood.
Or as Toby Young says:

He looks like a skinny white guy with a tan.

No more race!!! But how to achieve it? Lester Holloway considers matters:

For the sake of democracy we cannot afford to lose a generation of young Obamas.

In the space of a few paragraphs, Holloway has gone from asking and answering, “I fear the answer to the question about whether we will see a British Obama will be ‘No'”, to spotting an entire generation of Barack Obamas, and not just in name only.

But it;s the post-race age. so let’s just get on with things. Colour is no barrier to success. Obama has proved that, right?

All-black lists are not patronising, they are enabling, and the concept has been proven to deliver high-quality MPs if reactionary forces are faced down, as Labour did with all-women shortlists.

That’s right. We move into the post-race age by making race a central plank of democracy.

Jesus wept. And he was a black Jew, dontchaknow…


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