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Obama, Oprah And The Death Of Journalism

by | 7th, November 2008


“I can wrap my head around Obama as President just fine. What will be intolerable is the insane preening from his supporters” — Mark Hemingway on Oprah Winfrey’s comment:

“The most meaningful thing that has ever happened.”

Should we question it? Well, no we can’t:

The BBC gets a shiver down the spine. We’re aquiver and a little stiff for Obama.

So what next for jousnlism? Will we all cheer for Obama? Can we learn from the rest of the world? Ashley Donnelly, an Australian student of journalism, pontificates on freedom of speech and how overrated it is:

Traditionally, the premise for Western journalism is to perform the role of a democratic fourth estate by criticising current events or governments…

Not any more…

However, Asian Politics Professor Michael Dutton explained to me that Chinese journalism or “critical thinking” focuses more upon positive news values by way of “saving face for China.” This concept revolves around the pervasive notion of saving face but in context, preserving China’s national image and promoting ways in which the country is improving apposed to ‘failing.’…

During my time in China I worked for a magazine monitored by the country’s municipal government where I was first exposed to this idea of “saving face for the nation,” One of the magazine’s cover photographs did not pass media regulating official’s approval because of its predominately dark tones and arguably sombre faces.

Initially, my Western point of view processed this as a blatant case of China’s harsh censorship. But considering the holistic reasoning behind China’s media and that this photograph did not promote the vision of one harmonious society, my perspective changed.

He should get a job at the BBC opr MSBN no danger, so long as Labour stay in, naturally….

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