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Obama Is Right: There Are No Jews In Westminster And The Media

by | 9th, November 2008

MORE on post-racial life in the WACO (World according to Obama): Jews are no longer an ethnic minority.

The Guardian wonders why last year’s Media Guardian 100 (an arbitrary list of the big players in the media) featured no ethnic minorities.

We asked a panel of experts drawn from ethnic minorities to name their 30 most important media figures.

And – get this – the panel didn’t name one Jew in the media. So much for them controlling it. But it’s not a perfect science:

There are some obvious omissions: Avtar Lit, the head of Sunrise Radio, does not figure; neither does Aaqil Ahmed, head of religion at Channel 4. Shami Chakrabarti, director of the human rights group Liberty, makes an appearance because of her media ubiquity; but an equally prominent spokesman, Inayat Bungawala of the Muslim Council of Britain, does not figure. Such is the subjectivity of these exercises.

Factoid: on July 26, 1858 liberal Jew named Lionel Rothschild became the first Briton from an ethnic monitory to win and take a seat in Parliament.

Others agree that it is time for change.

David Lammy MP (professional Obama friend) hosts The Ethnic Minority Power List reception.

Last year, the MediaGuardian’s annual list of the 100 most influential and significant people in Britain’s media world was exclusively white. In recognition of this, and following a Guardian article by journalist and magazine editor Lawrence Lartey, David Lammy hosted a reception for some of the ethnic minority movers and shakers of the British media industry in Portcullis House on Monday 23 July.

Says David:

“I was so pleased when Lawrence [Larty] decided to do his own ethnic minority version on the MediaGuardian 100, because it seems to me that you can’t possibly have a list of important media figures in this country which doesn’t include anyone from an ethnic minority background at all. That’s certainly not my experience of that arena, and if that’s the perception, then we have to make sure we change it.”

As we say, Jews are no longer a minority. They might be the majority, and we should give that some thought…

Here’s Keith Vaz MP, Chair of the Labour Party’s ethnic minority taskforce:

“I would like to welcome the historic establishment of this first Speaker’s conference of the century. In parliament today we only have 15 MPs that are from an ethnic minority background out of a total of 646 which is 2.32 percent.”

15 efniks to watch:

  • David Miliband (Lab)
  • Malcolm Rifkind (Con)
  • Oliver Letwin (Con)
  • Oliver Letwin (Lab)
  • Michael Howard (Con)
  • Margaret Hodge (Lab)
  • John Bercow (Con) – Half efnik (like Obama)
  • Louise Ellman (Lab)
  • Fabian Hamilton (Lab)
  • Evan Harris (LibDem)
  • Ivan Lewis (Lab)
  • Ed Miliband (Lab)
  • Lynne Choona Featherstone (LibDem)
  • Lee Scott (Con)
  • Grant Shapps (Con)

How many ethnic minority MPs is that, then?

The bloggers are at it too:

For Westminster to accurately reflect UK demographics the 126 female MPs would need to become 336. The 15 ethnic minority MPs would become 50 and the 2 ethnic minority women MPs would have to turn into 29.10

This is just great news for Jews, who are now so accepted that they are no longer noticed and singled out for special hatred. Unless the Jews are now part of the establishment and are preventing the ethnics for entering the club?

Barack Obama is not a Jew, allegedly…

Note: On a brighter note, Labour MP Tam Dalyell does spot Jews in Westmisnter and complained of a “cabal of Jewish advisers” around the Prime Minister Tony Blair (who is as Jewish as you want him to be).

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