Anorak News | Obama Watch: Wenger’s Wonder, Michelle’s Liz Hurley, John Major And Blacks Before Women

Obama Watch: Wenger’s Wonder, Michelle’s Liz Hurley, John Major And Blacks Before Women

by | 11th, November 2008

BARACK Obama Watch: Wenger’s Wonder, Michelle’s Liz Hurley And John Major…

ARSENE WENGER, manger of Arsenal football club on why he is sticking with his policy of picking youth over experience:

“You have Barack Obama in the States, that if one of the countries where if you have the quality, you will make it.”

Surely Obama is too old for Arsenal? Although Osama bin Laden is a fan of the Gunners, and finding him will help the tyro keep his promise…

“What made everybody happy in his election was that nobody knows what Obama’s ideas are, but the system has brought someone to the top just because they have the quality and nothing else. I think that is right.”

Obama favours a fluid system, with an equal distribution of the ball…

SARAH VINE: The Times writer looks at Michelle Obama’s buttoned-up-to-the-neck, below the knee red dress:

“It’s the equivalent of the Versace safety-pin number Elizabeth Hurley wore in 1994 to the premiere of Four Weddings and A Funeral.”

(Does that count a Barack Obama Death Watch quote?)


A picture of Mr and Mrs Bush stood alongside the Obamas, who are possessed of those American teeth that defy you not to look then scar your retinas when you do.

GORDON BROWN looks past Obama’s colour to say about his, er, colour:

“It can only be a source of hope and inspiration that a nation which once would have looked at Barack Obama and defined him only by his colour today sees in him the man they want to be their president.”

Obama is the first non-coloured leader… Well, no, he isn’t:

THE GUARDIAN: Grey Major will be remembered in colour, oh yes!

While he was in power, it was a question that baffled many people: was he as colourless as he seemed?


Now we have the delicious irony that a white president from a patrician family, whose administration was so negligent about America’s poor and black citizens, was so incompetent that he helped elect the first black president.

Maybe if Obama stuffs up, Ameica will get a female leader next time, then a goat, then a rabbit and so on…

Barack Obama: Can he retire now?

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