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Middle-Class Shoppers Throw Broccoli To The Poor

by | 17th, November 2008

GOOD news for bean munchers is that they will no longer be looked down on by eaters of more expensive canned meals.

As the Mirror reports on its front page, beans have never been more expensive, especially those that come coated in lashing of ketchup.

Sainsbury’s beans have risen from 19p to a reassuringly expensive 29p a serving.

Which middle-class prisoners of the credit crunch have not fretted about cheap food? Now, with cheap food getting more expensive, it will meet shoppers’ expectations.

The Mirror salutes the price of the “humble haricot” – that’s beans to the likes of you.

And the news keeps getting better as the Mirror say that while beans get ever more exclusive, broccoli is one of just two goods that have gotten cheaper (the other is coffee).

Happy days, indeed, as the master plan comes together and the poor are forced to chomp their own body weight in green veg all day, every day or starve and lose even more weight.

Says one budget shopper:

“It’s broccoli for breakfast, elevenses, lunch, Tiffin, dinner, snacks and wrapped in two leaves of fried Rizlas on the way home from the pub.”

No wonder the Mirror is rejoicing. Broccoli jam today, broccoli a la mode tomorrow…

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